August 16th 1975

“Went for a walk in the morning down Strøget. All the girls walk around bra-less. Went to Tivoli”

I have written about the Strøget before.

However since my last mention of it, I am a little bit older and with a few million more hormones racing around my teenage body. Therefore, instead of noticing the cool buildings, the intricately cobbled piazzas and shop windows, my attention is distracted by a phenomenon that didn’t seem to exist (or at least I can’t recall it existing) in the UK. The rather comely sight of attractive women walking around sans their brassieres, resulting in a certain je ne sais quoi and, dare I say this, a slight *ahem* nip in the air in the middle of summer?!

In the spirit of a more informative blog I tried in vain to share a representative photo to describe the kind of thing Nig & I were witness to back in 1975. Believe me, I looked ALL over the internet – often going off on several tangents and using all kinds of search phrases – but there was nothing to be found at all.

Instead, here’s a photo of the entrance to Tivoli Gardens, another Copenhagen delight of which I have also spoken about before.

I hope it will suffice?


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  1. I may not be around for a few days – I’m off to Strøget ;o)

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