August 29th 1973

“Felt sick all day. Went down the Stroget. Bort book mark. Nanny gave me tie – smart!”

The Strøget continues to be the longest pedestrian-only shopping street in the whole of Europe

The street runs from Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall Square), all the way to  Kongens Nytorv (King’s New Square), and along the way crosses a succession of other squares and piazzas all packed with fountains, seating and food vendors.

Each side of the street is awash with retailers from large stores like Magasin and Illum all the way to tiny little independent stores such as bookshops and chocolatiers.

Strøget was created by urban planner Jan Gehl in the 1960s just as cars were beginning to take over and threatening to ruin Copenhagen’s old streets. It has since become a model for town centres the world over.

Another example of how the forward-thinking the Danes are.


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One response to “August 29th 1973

  1. Nobby

    A bookmark and a tie – you Crazy M F!
    Now that’s what I call the seventies.
    P x

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