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May 2nd 1975

“Midnight Ramble – nearly didn’t make last 3 miles – knack worn out”

This sounds suspiciously like ‘exercise’, a pastime I’ve never particularly been a fan of.*

For the simple reason that it appeared to involve ‘exertion’ you would think I could remember something about what, exactly, a “midnight ramble” consisted of.

But I can’t.

If I was a betting man however I would put money on it happening sometime after 11:59 at night and that a handful of people (my TIBS group?) rambled somewhere.

And for a distance in excess of three miles.

Maybe it was 3.1 miles in which case I could understand my reluctance to finish the course?

* (At least not until quite recently when – as a fiftysomething – I joined a gym for the first time in my life and decided to blog my exploits at Weight Riot)


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(1974 Albums) Classical Albums

Can you see what Emerson, Lake & Palmer did to me?

Yes, courtesy of budget labels MFP (Music for Pleasure) and (I think it was) Hallmark, I stuck my proverbial toe in the murky waters of classical music, snapping up Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition“, Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” and Tchaikovsky’s magnificent “1812 Overture

It would be years later before I expanded my ‘classical tastes’ further – courtesy of, strangely, my accountant who listened to no other genre – but for a 16-year-old with a musical sense for ‘all things” I don’t think I did too badly for starters did I?

The Mussorgsky purchase was most certainly based on my love for ELP and their interpretation of “Pictures…”. I guess I needed to hear the source of Mr Emerson’s inspiration?

I think the New World Symphony came about because it was featured in “Soylent Green“, a film I had seen the previous summer. Specifically the scene where old-timer Sol (a stupendous acting performance by Edward G Robinson) – in what has otherwise become a desolate world – offers himself up for euthanasia and before ‘departing’ is treated to great food, pretty visuals and a soundtrack of his choosing.

As for the 1812, I have no idea why it may have fallen across my radar in 1974. Maybe it was played at a TIBS meeting? Whatever the reason it remains a stunningly broody piece of music, culminating as it does with those booming canons.

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May 13th 1973

“Before going to Tibs went round Southampton to look at Jackets. In afternoon went to BR Open Day”

This confuses me (“what doesn’t?” scream readers in unison)

May 13th 1973 was a Sunday and yet I say I went round Southampton to look at Jackets.

In the UK Sunday trading did not kick in until 1994, so I am left asking myself just how I looked at jackets? Surely not just through shop windows. That would be pretty bloody sad if it was the truth.

BR Open Day refers to the once-yearly opening of the British Rail Engineering facility in Eastleigh where my Dad worked. It was a chance to see trains and carriages being built, to step up on the footplates of engines and generally revel in “all things trains”.

Anorak and flask of tea optional.

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April 8th 1973

“Still feelin’ bad – went up Tom & Doris’s in afternoon – Didn’t go to TIBS”

It would appear that I apparently felt the need to share my illness with certain members of my family?

But not with my church going chums.

Back then, I must have known my place?!

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January 21st 1973

“TIB at church” / “I caused an argument by getting in a huff with Mum – Sod it!” / “Good Larf in TIBS – Val there – Played on Piano (Not with Val – Awwww)”/ “Gave dep for w-end”

Regular readers may have noticed that the diary entries for 1973 have been, generally, lengthier than they were in 1972.

It’s not that I was doing more in 1973, just that this diary offered a little more daily space in which to write something than 1972’s tiny little one did.

Today’s entry is yet another veritable cornucopia.

I could get into a “huff” which apparently caused an argument. Once again, these regular references to arguments never fail to amaze – and deeply upset – me.

I really did have the ‘hots’ for Val didn’t I? Proved by my “not with Val – Awwww” remark. What’s weird is that whilst I remember Val, I can’t really remember having this big ‘crush’ on her as my diary suggests.

Played on piano” – as commented recently, I bet my contribution included a one-fingered rendition of “Smoke on the Water”

That church weekend is imminent, as proved by me forking over my deposit. More debauchery?


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January 14th 1973

“Large amount of swotting done” / “Backs to TIBS, Val not there” / “Got letter about weekend at vicarage”

I think there’s a second part to the Maths mock coming, hence the “large amount of swotting

It’s becoming embarrassingly clear that “Val” may be the very reason I continued to go to the TIBS meetings?

With regards to the upcoming vicarage weekend, regular readers may remember what happened in May 1972.

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January 7th 1973

“I’M 15 TODAY (DING! DING!)” / “Got sum presents in the morning, i.e. Posy Shirt, Quid, Chocklit” / “TIB lot came up – good larf – bort me Roy Ullyett book – Val drunk agane”

Ah, the simple and easy pleasures of teenage birthdays. Back then I didn’t view them like some kind of sword of Damocles hanging over my greying head and aching bones.

Looks like I got surprise presents galore too – something that I certainly don’t get these days despite all efforts to drop hints for months prior, sometimes repeating the hints from one year to the next! Grrrrr

On turning 15 I evidently got some fancy schmancy shirt, some chocolate and a pound note.

In the evening, the TIBs lot came up – as arranged way back when – including my secret “crush”, Val, who drank heavily, presumably to help her deal with my (now older) teenage good looks and suaveness.

I’ll admit I had to look up Roy Ullyett as I did not have a clue who he was. As soon as I found his obituary online I was reminded that he was a sports cartoonist for the Daily Express newspaper.

A Google search yielded next to no cartoons, so it appears he has (somewhat sadly) been forgotten by a lot of people?!

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May 14th 1972

“went to church (wattahero)” / “fell off bike” / “TIB at centre 66” / “played football, good fun”

A comparatively busy diary entry for a change.

Quite the mix of things in there too.

Obviously, going to church was treated (*cough*) with dubious respect, going so far as ridiculing myself, maybe as something of a sarcastic riposte against my parents who may have persuaded me to do so? Or may not.

fell off bike” conjures up all sorts of nasty 50-year-old images, none of which are probably as innocuous as the accident was when I was 14.

played football, good fun” is far more intriguing, thanks to my total lack of recall as to where and who with. I’ll guess it was with the people from my TIBS group, although since this consisted of just 4 guys and more than 6 girls, I have my doubts.

I can remember playing football –  more realistically described as “kickabout” – when I was much younger than 14.  Night after night I would go out into the back alley of our first house and, by myself, play a brick wall at football for hours on end. I think the wall won every time?

Ah, such youthful simplicity. Ah, such youthful energy and exercise.

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