June 26th 1974


Yes, I really did write it that big.

My first “jilting” by a girl.

The first, as my life would turn out, of many such events. If truth be told I was a ‘jiltee’ more times than I care to discuss.

Naturally, you’re all eager for the nitty-gritty details of this teenage heave-ho.

And naturally, I can’t remember them.

I remembered the disappointment I felt that she wasn’t in when I called on her a few days earlier, but I have zero recall of how or why Angela dumped me on this Wednesday in 1974. Sorry.

It remains to be seen, but this jilting may result in my relationship with “the church” coming to an end. As regular EFA70sTRO readers will know, I wasn’t necessarily attending for the whole ‘jesus’ thing.

Whilst I retrospectively go off and cry into my beer about losing Angela 35 years ago, I present the best song ever written about jilting … 1978’s “Jilted John” by Jilted John…


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