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May 3rd 1976

“Work a bit boring without Derek there”

Proof that there was a time when I had some regard for Derek.

If you think I hint at a somewhat unsettled feeling about Francis Records you would be right in doing so.

I enjoyed dealing with the customers and recommending things to the public, but – as I have said before – Mrs Francis was quite a difficult old stick to work for, phenomenally inflexible in her routine and methods. This resulted in very little ‘joie de vivre’ and I seem to remember being told more than once not to laugh and joke with the customers quite as much as I was.

Meanwhile – and by peculiar contrast – we heard raucous laughter coming up from the Classical department below us all the flipping time?! Surely it should be the Tchaikovsky & Wagner lovers with more reason to be miserable? After all, we had the Scottish funk grooves of the Average White Band to keep us happy!…


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