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An Aside (XI)

Part 4…

1) Once again I say…. “Best Miscellaneous Instrument“????
2) As John Lennon once said of Ringo Starr “He isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles”…
3) Whatever WAS the attraction of Joe Cocker? I have always thought he was awful.
4) Brightest Hope #10 …… Fanny … the world’s first ever female heavy rock band? Never did a lot… except make a lot of English schoolboys inwardly snicker at their name. (For those not in the know, the word “fanny” holds completely different slang meanings dependent on what side of the Atlantic you grew up on!)
5) “Best Miscellaneous Instrument“???? … Good to see Darryl Way listed. He was violinist with the awesome Curved Air… erm, that “awesomeness” somewhat exaggerated by presence of lead singer, Sonia Kristina

Trivia note: Sonia Kristina was once dated by Stuart Copeland…. later of The Police. Lucky bastard.


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