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April 9th 1973

“Went to school still feeling sick” / “Trev selling Elegy-Nice. I like the record but am not going to buy”

Man… did I still have the squits???

This is 4 days now. Surely I didn’t spend 4 days regularly dropping increasingly-skinny kids off at the pool?

I know why I didn’t buy Trev’s Elegy by The Nice. As I wrote here, there was really only the one track on it I cared for.


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April 8th 1973

“Still feelin’ bad – went up Tom & Doris’s in afternoon – Didn’t go to TIBS”

It would appear that I apparently felt the need to share my illness with certain members of my family?

But not with my church going chums.

Back then, I must have known my place?!

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April 7th 1973

“Still went to work although feeling bad”

So, yesterday I had the squits and felt “ugh”

Today, still feeling bad, I go to work in a supermarket surrounded by foodstuffs and the suchlike.

T.R.O…. “putting the ass in class”

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April 5th 1973

“Rode ‘ome, felt very sick at night – Dierea, Ugh!” / “La bog roll au Madame Able”

Yes, diarrhea – or diarrhoea – IS a very hard word to spell…. but I hardly think my attempt was a serious one, do you?

As for the rest of today’s diary entry…. I.have.absolutely.NO.idea….whatsoever

Answers on a postcard please, to the usual address.

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January 11th 1973

“Didn’t go to school – stayed home in bed with flu” / “Wasn’t allowed to watch Monty Python” / “Arguverge”

Wow, that maths exam must have REALLY got to me?!

I’ve never suffered illness very well, and certainly not if it means I have to lay in bed feeling like crap.

I suppose this could have been a genuine illness rather than some kind of post-exam stress disorder?

Whatever it was, I was evidently not permitted to watch Python – probably as a result of creating an argument between Mum & Dad. *sigh*

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