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January 7th 1973

“I’M 15 TODAY (DING! DING!)” / “Got sum presents in the morning, i.e. Posy Shirt, Quid, Chocklit” / “TIB lot came up – good larf – bort me Roy Ullyett book – Val drunk agane”

Ah, the simple and easy pleasures of teenage birthdays. Back then I didn’t view them like some kind of sword of Damocles hanging over my greying head and aching bones.

Looks like I got surprise presents galore too – something that I certainly don’t get these days despite all efforts to drop hints for months prior, sometimes repeating the hints from one year to the next! Grrrrr

On turning 15 I evidently got some fancy schmancy shirt, some chocolate and a pound note.

In the evening, the TIBs lot came up – as arranged way back when – including my secret “crush”, Val, who drank heavily, presumably to help her deal with my (now older) teenage good looks and suaveness.

I’ll admit I had to look up Roy Ullyett as I did not have a clue who he was. As soon as I found his obituary online I was reminded that he was a sports cartoonist for the Daily Express newspaper.

A Google search yielded next to no cartoons, so it appears he has (somewhat sadly) been forgotten by a lot of people?!


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