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January 8th 1974

“BACK TO SCHOOL – MOCKS BEGIN AFN” / “Eng Lang 2 -> hard!” / “Tim B gave me £2.50 for Heep Live”

For most 16-year-old kids in 1974 the start of their Mock GCSE O-Levels would be an important turning point in their life.

For me THE most important turning point in mine was that – YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! – I successfully palmed off that AWFUL Uriah Heep album to an unsuspecting fool.

What’s more, this “Tim B” fellow actually gave me money for it!

Doubtless making the alleged difficulty of “English Language 2” (Dumb & Dumberer?) easier to swallow


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November 12th 1973

“Got Uriah Heep Live cheap”

You have GOT to be kidding me??

Erm… I mean… I have GOT to be kidding me?!!

Uriah Heep?

Cheap. Christ, it would HAVE to be cheap. If it cost me 1½p, that would have been a penny too much. Even if I stole it, it was still too expensive.

I can honestly state that I would not know a Uriah Heep tune now if it came up and slapped me in the face. Not one.

I think what makes this doubly-scary 36 years after the event is that “Uriah Heep Live” was a DOUBLE album. If I didn’t know any better I would swear that someone stole my 1973 diary and wrote this in it just to taunt me about my utter lack of memory.

I think Einstein once said something along the lines of “your brain will only remember the things it needs to remember, discarding all the rest”

Surely Uriah Heep must have been discarded within seconds of hearing them. If a future diary entry does not speak of me trading, giving away or burning this album then I seriously question my mental health in 1973.


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