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December 21st 1973

“Got £7.20 pay – BLOODY HELL!!”

Using online tools and research I appear to have worked out that £7.20 would be worth approximately £33.30 in today’s money.

[pauses to look at current income from investments and savings…]


£7.20 was a lot of money!!!


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December 10th/14th/15th 1973

• “Day Off – Went to Southampton – bort Xmas pressis”
• “Work”
• “Out on Bike – No Tips!”

Can you see just how far I fell off my own diary’s radar towards the end of 1973?

3 entries, 6 days, load of rubbish written.

About the only thing worth noting is that the people I delivered to on THAT BLOODY BIKE were a bunch of mean gits.

Time for me to go off on a few more 1973 tangents I reckon?…..


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December 1st 1973

“Work – quite a cushy day xcept for bike”


I’ve said it before, but it is worth repeating…

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August 4th 1973

“Work all day – Ward in BAD mood. Nig came up in evng. Done painting”

Hey, a boss in a bad mood?

In the best traditions of ‘karma’ and/or the philosophy of “pass it forward” I bet I got my own back later in my life when I ran my own businesses!

As for the painting, I can REMEMBER it!

(Pauses for regular readers to go “blimey flip!”)

The reason I can remember it is because…. well, I still have it! Around this time I painted an entire series of ‘space/sci-fi’ canvasses – directly onto thin hardboard no less – which have somehow stayed with me and managed to survive several house moves, including my international one.

I would present the painting here, except we’re currently in a “no camera” predicament.

It sounds like a lousy excuse, but its true!

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August 3rd 1973

“Roger came for me at 10 – said Ward wanted me to work all day – did so. Swapped my Scalextric for Bernard’s organ”

I will now pause whilst the more juvenile amongst you make up your own jokes…………


Good….. 😉

Right, so having been denied an earlier opportunity to become a Scalextrix racing Car driver of some considerable note, it appears evident that my fascination for this toy had decreased considerably since early 1972.

So much so that I decided to trade it for our newer neighbour’s electric piano….. OK, OK… ‘organ’ (*tee hee*)

Bernard had a young kid – Jonathan I think his name was – making my Scalextric a good fit. I doubtless had dreams of becoming the next Jon Lord or Keith Emerson, so this organ was a good fit too.

Bernard’s *ahem* organ – as it will doubtless continue to be referred to – was something of a toy instrument really. When you turned it on, a huge fan sound ensued – a noise only quelled when you pushed down a key as the wind rushed across (presumably) some kind of reed. You could only play one key at a time.

I can neither confirm nor deny poking a few kitchen knives in between the keys as per Keith Emerson’s stage act, however I bet I mastered Smoke on the Water in double quick time


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July 30th 1973

“Worked all day”

As this was a Monday “all day” in 1973 would have meant from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Yes, a supermarket that was far from convenient.

That’s how it was in the seventies. God forbid that a shop would be open when you might need it to be open?!!

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July 27th/28th 1973

•27• “Nothing all day except work from 5-8. Out on Bike”
•28• “Work. Out on Bike again”

A quick flick ahead in the diary suggests there are several entries like these throughout the summer, so I’ve made the decision to lump them together on occasion so as not to incite complete boredom amongst my faithful band of Teenage Rock Opera followers.

Posts like these kind of speak for themselves don’t they?

 Regular readers will know how much I loved riding that bloody bike.

They made these grocery delivery bikes look SO very cool to zip around on in the 1967 film “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush“, with Barry Evans’ character using it to pick up attractive women like Judy Geeson, Diane Keen or Angela Scoular.

I was in Fair Oak though. Not exactly ‘beauty central’, let’s be honest.


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June 21st 1973

“Longest Day – No exams – borin all day – went into eastleigh + bt sunglasses + swimming trunks – Night of the hard kid up Fairoak”

Like most every village, FairOak had its share of ‘toughnuts’.

Toughnuts that would seem to often single me out for attention – something not helped by the fact that I cycled that horrible delivery bike round the neighbourhood for Lancaster & Crook, making me a target for verbal abuse. (Hell, I would have shouted something at me if I’d seen me on it!)

I don’t what was different about tonight’s little incident, but the fact that I had reason to comment on it means I must have felt more intimidated than usual.

As I have said before, nothing pleases me more than seeing many of these previous ‘toughnuts’ in their later life, looking down & out, bald, wrinkled, haggard, bloated and thoroughly pissed off .. and still walking the streets of Fair Oak. If here’s any karma in the world, one or two of ’em might have the piss taken out of them these days – or better, given a little kicking – by FairOak’s 2009 breed of ignorant chavvy ‘hardnuts’

In other news… ‘sunglasses and swimming trunks‘ eh? Stylin’!!!!

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