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September 23rd 1972

“Stoke 5, City 1 / Went up Gra’s in afternoon – saw his cassette player – Wow!”

Whilst City  get tromped on away from home I evidently suffer “tape player envy”

As I recall, Gra(ham) travelled quite a bit with his parents (was his Dad a pilot or something?) and during a recent family holiday to nowhere less swish than Hong Kong he had picked up this “wow” cassette player.

Naturally, I can remember scant little about it now, other than I seem to recall it was all silver and black, quite a large piece of kit – at least for a cassette player – and had loads of knobs and switches on it. At any rate, enough knobs and switches to turn a young boy’s head.

I also vaguely recall that Graham also picked up quite the number of dodgy ‘bootleg’ cassettes along with the player, more distinctly remembering that amongst them was Deep Purple’s “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” and “Fireball” albums.

I bet they sounded great on his “wow” cassette player.

The bastard.


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