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August 1st 1975

“Round Nigs recording all afternoon”

It’s this kind of riveting reportage you come here for isn’t it?

There’s no mention of what we were recording of course, but regular EFA70sTRO readers will be all-too familiar with this bereft attention to detail from many of my diaries entries.

So, I don’t know if we were copying albums, recording some kind of band, noises or if it was some vocal rubbish. I’ll leave it up to your imagination dear reader.


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May 16th 1973

“Recorded Trilogy and Emerson, Lake & Palmer for Bruce in Evng”

No it didn’t.

As I am currently (i.e. 2009) discovering in the fantastic book “Appetite for Self-Destruction (The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age)” by Steve Knopper, major record label executives have inflicted FAR more damage to the business than all the kids in the 70’s ever did.

A hugely recommended – and eye-opening – read.

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March 12th 1973

“On way home bought Audio-Magnetic C-90 cassette – 54p. Borrowed machinehead – deep purple, in evng taped it”

I scribbled about Deep Purple’s “Machine Head” a few weeks ago.

It would appear that before I committed it to regular listening I had to save up 54p for an “Audio-Magnetic” cassette. I think its fair to say that my 54p was probably NOT buying me the best quality tape known to man; “audio magnetic” sounding suspiciously like one of those ‘knock off’ brands one might have found at the local petrol station?!

Meanwhile, my activities may have aroused suspicion up in parliament if the accompanying logo is anything to go by? *grin*

(Actually the logo – and phrase “Home Taping is Killing Music” – did not appear until the 1980’s… somewhat ironically a period when the music industry sold MORE product than it ever had before!)

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