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January 12th 1972

“Stayed home again – boring all day stuck in bed with cold (Flu’s gone home – heh-heh)”

Good lord…. a smutty joke!

I bet Benny Hill was worried.

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January 11th 1973

“Didn’t go to school – stayed home in bed with flu” / “Wasn’t allowed to watch Monty Python” / “Arguverge”

Wow, that maths exam must have REALLY got to me?!

I’ve never suffered illness very well, and certainly not if it means I have to lay in bed feeling like crap.

I suppose this could have been a genuine illness rather than some kind of post-exam stress disorder?

Whatever it was, I was evidently not permitted to watch Python – probably as a result of creating an argument between Mum & Dad. *sigh*


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November 28th 1972

“toda eye staied ome agane, eye cannot wark strate… or rite in a strate line, it mite be becos I am drunk or I ave gone round the bend!”

Man, this a bad flu isn’t it?

I appear to have become somewhat delusional and disconnected from reality (Hey, what do you mean “no change there?”).

This entry was written in a scribbly flourish right round the page, circling the other days/dates, ending up back on November 28th. Hence the “rite in a strate line” comment.

It cracks me up to think that at 14 I would imagine myself as being “drunk”.  My fascination for “the booze” didn’t happen for, ooh, at least another couple of years!

Even during my worst alcoholic episodes though I would certainly hope I could spell better than I did in 1972!

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