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September 19th 1975

“Had a great drama lesson – a real good laugh. Brought home TD folder. Not much done in the evening – bath, records”

Yes, I did drama classes … what of it? (Adopts “West Side Story” fisticuffs pose)… and it seemed today’s was something of a grin and a giggle.

This is going to sound incredibly ‘pompous’ but there was a girl in my drama class – we’ll call her ‘Karen’, mainly because I think that was her name?! – who made little secret of the fact that she was somewhat infatuated with me. She wasn’t my ‘type’ at all (I was seventeen years old, did I yet have a ‘type’?) so I had to resist her advances as best as I could gentlemanly manage, but whenever there was a man/woman or boy/girl scene being acted out she would always be on the look-out to rehearse it with… me… somewhat eagerly whenever ‘kissing’ might be involved)

I eventually ‘escaped’ the problem by dumping Drama from my curriculum. Hollywood has been in mourning ever since.


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The 1973 Diary (II)

This shows how hard I worked as a 15-year-old schoolkid!

Here’s my school timetable, at least (presumably) for January – July 1973. (The diary makes no reference to a timetable from Sept 1973 onwards… maybe it was the same schedule?)

I had Economics (as in ‘world financials’, not ‘home economics’ and all that cookery nonsense) to kick off the week, followed by Religious Education (ha!) and English Composition after the break. Monday afternoon was History, French, Physics and Maths.

Tuesday morning consisted of a double period of Technical Drawing (TD), Geography and (the dreaded) Gym, whilst the afternoon offered up (more) Geography, French, English and History. (I have no idea why the two Geog lessons of the day weren’t twinned together)

Wednesday commenced with French (“quelle horreur”) followed by Grography (again??), SINGING (!!!???!!!) and Maths and after lunch I was subjected to English Drama, History and a double TD.


Thursday started off BAD for me with double Games (outdoor physical nonsense like football, hockey, basketball, running, cross-country leg tiring) with Physics and French after the morning break. The afternoon threatened double Maths and double English.

My Fridays were top and tailed with double Economics and double Physics with French, Maths, History and Geography in between.

The one thing I really CAN’T remember is that the timetable suggests we had preset evenings for specific homework. The nights don’t even seem to always line up with next day lessons, so what was the point I wonder?



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