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August 17th 1975

“Went out to Holgers place. Damn boring. Took some duck photos – grin”

Regular EFA70sTRO readers will obviously have remembered that Holger was my uncle, who lived out on the inner coast of Denmark in a tiny village called Sønderby.

His bungalow was relatively isolated and bereft of many mod cons, which is why I can imagine a pair of teenagers would have found it “damn boring” (apparently a regular turn of phrase of mine if recent diary entries are anything to go by?), especially given yesterday’s … erm… ‘excitement’.

I’m sure however, that we would have eaten very well indeed – Holger had an agreement with the local market who would prepare, cook and deliver the most succulent food – as well as taken a stroll via a collection of country paths to the shore. Boring?…. that sounds like a bloody good day to me now at the age of 52 … weird isn’t it?

Teenagers just haven’t got a clue how to enjoy themselves!

Unless you count taking photos of ducks, obviously.

Out of idle curiosity I decided to look up Sønderby on Google maps

I was disappointed to see that it had become quite built up, that path to the coast of Roskilde Fjord now apparently a proper road and packed with homes on both sides. It’s still essentially farmland though as the ploughed fields prove. Part of me would like to go back there but a bigger part knows that it would probably make me far too emotional,  the result of knowing that my late mother was probably at her happiest when she stayed out there as a child.


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