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July 27th/28th 1973

•27• “Nothing all day except work from 5-8. Out on Bike”
•28• “Work. Out on Bike again”

A quick flick ahead in the diary suggests there are several entries like these throughout the summer, so I’ve made the decision to lump them together on occasion so as not to incite complete boredom amongst my faithful band of Teenage Rock Opera followers.

Posts like these kind of speak for themselves don’t they?

 Regular readers will know how much I loved riding that bloody bike.

They made these grocery delivery bikes look SO very cool to zip around on in the 1967 film “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush“, with Barry Evans’ character using it to pick up attractive women like Judy Geeson, Diane Keen or Angela Scoular.

I was in Fair Oak though. Not exactly ‘beauty central’, let’s be honest.



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