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July 16th 1973

“WILD TURKEY! Damn good concert although we had to wait an hour for some kind of supp. act”

What can I possibly add by way of new comment to the timeless legacy of Prog Rock über-giants Wild Turkey? 

They were as legendary then as they are now….

What can you possibly mean when you say you’ve never bloody well heard of them?

Why, they were…. (refers to “googlememory”)… formed in 1971. Bassist Glenn Cornick had just left Jethro Tull and he co-opted four band members to record the rock classic “Battle Hymn”.

They went on tour, supporting … erm… Black Sabbath, to promote the album.

The following year they recorded a second album, “Turkey”, then toured again – as headliners this time! – during the summer of 1973.

Where this young man went and saw them, deeming them – for whatever reason – “damn good

I can honestly state that I knew not one single note of Wild Turkey’s output when I discovered this diary entry. They had fallen so far off my musical radar it actually felt quite scary.

The All Music website does not even have a bio of the band!

The usually reliable You Tube has come to my/your rescue however, featuring this gem….

I must have been more impressionable than I give myself credit for because that, my dear readers, is ponderous bollocks of the highest order isn’t it?

Further online research seems to reveal that the support act we waited so long for was Darryl Way’s Wolf.

Like the mighty Wild Turkey, Darryl Way’s Wolf ALSO carries no AMG bio. (Indeed, the only thing I personally can recall about Way was that he was the violinist in the superb Curved Air, of whom I have spoken before)

Must have been a HELL of a night eh?


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