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May 13th 1973

“Before going to Tibs went round Southampton to look at Jackets. In afternoon went to BR Open Day”

This confuses me (“what doesn’t?” scream readers in unison)

May 13th 1973 was a Sunday and yet I say I went round Southampton to look at Jackets.

In the UK Sunday trading did not kick in until 1994, so I am left asking myself just how I looked at jackets? Surely not just through shop windows. That would be pretty bloody sad if it was the truth.

BR Open Day refers to the once-yearly opening of the British Rail Engineering facility in Eastleigh where my Dad worked. It was a chance to see trains and carriages being built, to step up on the footplates of engines and generally revel in “all things trains”.

Anorak and flask of tea optional.


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