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October 3rd 1975

“Quite a good speech in assembly. Did extra TD again. Fire Drill = grin!. Nothing special in evening, bath etc.”

What? A bath was not special???

When I say “quite a good speech” what I probably mean was “it got quite a few laughs”. I never got up there on stage with any serious intent whatosever, as long as I was rewarded with a few chuckles and guffaws for my efforts I walked off a happy little teenager. I have often harboured a secret desire to be a stand-up comedian, but would never have the required ‘cojones’ to actually ever attempt it. My weekly little speeches in assembly back in 1975 and 1976 will just have to suffice!

No idea why a “Fire Drill” could be considered a ‘grin’, other than it got us into practise for the repeated fake ‘bomb threats’ that were called through to the college office every so often. If only we knew who was responsible *cough*Pete*cough* for phoning them *cough*Rick*cough* in? Now of course, with an increased threat from terrorist attack and the public on higher alert then they ever seemed to be in 1975, this pair of teenage perps would be remanded in custody and had the proverbial book thrown at them. Part of me thinks it was a shame they were never properly caught and charged as I now have it good authority that one of them was a complete asshole to one of my very closest – and lifelong – friends.

In other news, my TD ‘fraud’ continues unabated.


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September 21st 1972

“Had a bomb scare at school – heh, heh some devilish person is going to blo it up”

Yet another reference to the apparently regular bomb scares we endured at school.

I obviously find it all funny in a way that perhaps only a 14-year old kid can, given the fact that the result of the scare was everyone being sent out of the building whilst the place was searched for explosives.

A few years later however the problems in Ireland and the actions of the IRA would feel FAR more serious to me.

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July 7th 1972

“Another bomb scare missed most of art. last art lesson?”/ “Poured with rain in evening”

I’m not sure why there’s a question mark following last art lesson. As Art was (later) one of my primary college subjects, surely I continued it into the next year?

It does seem as if my school friends had not yet owned up to making the bomb hoax phone calls, continuing to create havoc towards the end of the school year.

Regarding “poured with rain in the evening”… how desperately dull does a 14-year-old boy’s life have to be to resort to commenting on the bloomin’ weather in his diary?

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July 6th 1972 (I)

“Bomb scare at school Missed 1st two lessons” / “Mucked about in TD”

Once again, the actions of a few (or two) made us unable to learn. I’m sure that at the lime we loved all of this, but years later – and after all the terrorist actions in the interim – the mere notion of creating a bomb scare feels just so very, very wrong.

As for “mucked about in TD” I wonder if I ever documented a later story from my Technical Drawing classes when in college? One of my friends stole an entire huge drawing table to use at home. The thing is, he stole it in pieces, removing and taking home a bit of it after every lesson. No-one mentioned the disappearing parts, and – even weirder – no-one noticed the board had gone when he finally took home the large frame and board itself, nicked during a “stage weekend” when – as ‘arty types’ – we were supposed to be prepping the school hall for a theatre performance.

See the nonsense I can remember?

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June 2nd 1972

“Worse Day. Argument. Bomb Scare. Hand”

I’m sure I’ve suffered since ‘worse days’ than this one 36 years ago, but in 1972 this one obviously ‘got to me’?

If the entry has a ‘timeline’ aspect to it, then I suspect “argument” relates to some kind of parental dispute over the breakfast table, before I had even left for school that morning.

Bomb Scare” refers to a familiar past-time amongst a handful of half-wits with whom I went to school. The last couple of years had already seen IRA bomb attacks on Britain. The Post Office Tower in London was bombed in late 1971 and, in February 1972, six people died following an attack on the Aldershot Barracks in Hampshire.

Whilst the IRA had stated they intended to only ‘target’ military establishments – reprisals for the (admittedly unnecessary) atrocities carried out on January 30th (referred to now as “Bloody Sunday”) – the public were told to be on the guard in case revenge was exerted elsewhere.

A bomb scare came about when clueless morons, with nothing better to do than think they’re somehow ‘special’, would go to a public call box and call somewhere to say a bomb had been planted on the premises. Resulting in the necessity for the place to be evacuated whilst the police etc., searched the building. A HUGE amount of wasted time and resources all round really.

Later in life, I was to ‘enjoy’ the very real fear of an IRA bombing campaign – when they were targeting town centres across the country – but right now, in 1972, my school was emptied out whilst authorities investigated a ‘malicious call’. A hoax perpetrated by a couple of acne-ridden idiot numb-skulls in my class named Pete and Rick. Yes, that IS their real names, and I really don’t care that I might embarrass them by stating it ‘out loud’. Quite frankly, they deserve to continue to feel embarrassed.

As for “Hand“, I have no clue what that relates. Did I damage my hand somehow?

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