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(1974 Album) Hard Stuff – Bolex Dementia

Yet another album that I had to research before I could ‘remember’ anything.

Except, even after researching, I still couldn’t recall a damned thing about this… not even the sleeve.

All I can tell you is that it was released on Deep Purple’s own “Purple” label and that Hard Stuff were a heavy rock band and were considered something of a supergroup at the time.

A “supergroup” I hear you mumble? Yes, two members of Hard Stuff came from the recently broken up Atomic Rooster whilst the third came from… erm… Quartermass

No, I don’t know why I had this album. But if I still did I could sell it for upwards of $130 on eBay these days, original pressings (which mine most certainly would have been) regarded very much as ‘collectors items’

Atomic Rooster? Blimey, would ANYone want anything related to them?… apart from maybe their magnificent hit singles?


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