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January 5th 1973

“Finished Model – (great!)” / “Didn’t do much xcept swot up – bike – footer – subbuteo – chess – etc” / “got birfday card from val”

Hahahaha… didn’t do much… no, absolutely nothing except finish that plastic model, swot up for my mock, ride my bike, play football, play subbuteo and play chess.

That would represent a “bloody busy day” for me now!

A belated message to Val(erie), who was one of my fellow TIB-ers:- Yes, I really fancied you… even though I always had to accept that I never appeared on your ’emotional’ radar in any way, shape or form. I am sure that, for a while on January 5th 1973, I imagined all kinds of trouser-tightening flights of fancy when I opened a birthday card from you.



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January 4th 1973

“Nothing much dun today” / “Started to Paint Model” / “Monty Python bak on the telly after one weeks absence”

Meticulously painting an Airfix model with enamel paints would appear not to constitute “much” for this 14 – almost 15 – year old?

Tins of Humbrol model paint must have been the tiniest in the world.

Trivia freaks may wish to know that “Humbrol” started life as the Humber Oil Company from Kingston-Upon-Hull, a small 4-man operation who specialised in bicycle oil and calcium carbide for lamps.

I wonder how many 70’s kids inadvertently got a little “high” from the smell of their paints and little tubes of glue?


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January 3rd 1973

“Nothing much dun at all today” / “Bought Spitfire Airfix Model and started to build it”

Considering that my ‘diary spend’ – reported here – for today was 29½ pence, this Airfix model must have been incredibly inexpensive?

However, seeing as I bought, built and painted an Airfix spitfire model just a few months earlier, I can’t help wonder what happened to that one?

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August 7th 1972

“Painted model in morning + bort airfcks ellicopter”

OK, I am getting officially confused by the whole Airfix model story. Yesterday the model was a ‘bludi disaster’ and today am I painting it? But didn’t I paint it the other day? Had I become some kind of an Airfix model junkie… as witnessed by “bort airficks ellicopter” – and was this my second, or my third, plastic model in a week?

Maybe the glue just smelled good?

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August 6th 1972

“Man City bak’in action. Watched them on telly as they thrashed aston villa to win the charity shield” /”made model – bloodi disaster”

Just when I thought it was safe to forget the whole “Manchester City” thing, the 1972/1973 season kicks off and my embarrassment about NOT being a Southampton fan – and thus true to my ‘home team’ – returns with a vengeance. (Given events at Southampton in recent weeks however, the embarrassment may be considered to be displaced?!!)

I am evidently right back into the new season though, the yearly Charity Shield always kicking one off in every sense of the phrase.

I AM confused though, as I’ve always thought the Charity Shield was played between the previous season’s FA Cup victors and whomever came top of the (then) First Division. Manchester City, as documented somewhere by a sad 14-year old teenager, won neither…. and a cursory look at league records showed that Aston Villa were, back then, merely champions of the THIRD division??!

Still, at least City won.

Seems as if the outcome of the much-lauded Airfix model was, let’s say, less than anticipated? I do wish I had expanded on what constituted a “bloodi disaster” or taken photos with a not-yet-invented digital camera to post on the internet for everyone’s entertainment some 36 years later. I like to pride myself on my forward thinking, but on this occasion it obviously escaped me!

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August 2nd 1972

“Went up trev’s house for the day and we played snooker etc* On way home I bort airfix model *I WON”

Once again I feel appalled by my boastful attitude here. The addition of that awful “I WON” in big bold uppercase letters seems so very unnecessary? Especially since the snooker game of which I speak was not played on a full-sized slate table, but was instead a tiny little replica table with cues that were about 18 inches long. Sad really in retrospect.

For my American readers who may not be aware, snooker is the British/Commonwealth version of pool. It’s played on a larger & taller table with longer cues, more complicated rules and is (usually) nowhere near as fast-paced as pool (often) is. I’m sure later diaries (1977 onwards) will report my enthusiasm for the game and how I played it pretty much every weekend!

Airfix was/is the manufacturer of those plastic scale model kits. I was always something of a fan, enjoying the task of carefully building each model, then painting it and applying all the decals.

I wonder if this occasion was when I bought the model of the famous Spitfire, a plane designed by Southampton Aviation Works (later Vickers)? An undoubted icon of WWII, the cover of the box (shown above) is so well designed I defy any teenage boy to overlook it on the toy store shelves!

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