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October 24th 1975

“A Touch of Class at college. Film was OK, nothing brilliant though. Got off again avec Caitlin. Broke panelling”

Another movie night organised by the college coffee club. Time again to get the film projector out of storage and fiddle with it endlessly until we could get the celluloid to run through all the cranks and gears properly. When it worked it was great… when it didn’t the audience would invariably heckle.

As my 1975 review suggested “A Touch of Class” was an OK film. In retrospect – I’ve watched it several times since – it very much feels like a film borne of the seventies. A little bit morally bankrupt but not so bankrupt it would offend. Glenda Jackson & George Segal play the main protagonists, a pair of illicit lovers, in a a relatively snappy comedy. The first hour of the story is really laugh-out-loud stuff then it seems to trip over its own discarded underwear and gets too serious for its own good. Shame really because Glenda Jackson is her usual brilliant self and it’s maybe 30 minutes away from being considered a classic.

I don’t think “broke panelling” was some kind of euphemism for anything ‘smutty’, but who can tell after 35 years?


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October 23rd 1975

“Wired up stereo at college. Talked to Caitlin. In the evening Nig came round. Roxy on TOTP”

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be…

Don’t you find it amazing that Roxy Music appearing on Top of the Pops commanded a diary entry?

But that’s what it was like back in ‘the old days’. An ‘event’. A new song was rarely accompanied by any kind of video media, but even when it was you had to wait weeks – sometimes months – to see it. Any performance on TV was seen once – when it was broadcast – and then all you could do was somehow wish you might see it again.

3 television channels – BBC’s 1 + 2 and ITV – and that was it. Top of the Pops was on once a week – Thursday nights – and even then viewers were given no advance warning about what acts or what songs might be featured. You had to guess who might be on, based on how your favourites fared on the charts the previous Sunday. If a single went down there was NO chance of seeing it again. At least not for a couple of decades and the advent of both the VCR and the ‘television repeats’ culture.

Kids today have it MADE! Not that I am jealous of what they have over what we had back in 1975. Not at all.

In other news it looks like practised my chatting-up techniques on Caitlin and displayed my wiring skillz to be fellow students.

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