October 19th 1975

“Got up about 11 o/c. Nig came round in afternoon. Did posters and typed some poems in the evening”

Last time I mentioned my teenage poetry on this blog I received a complaint from a (presumably disappointed) reader that I had not appendaged an example of my early literary skills.

Well I am about to disappoint her all over again I’m afraid.

This time, unlike last, not due to embarrassment but because despite – all – my best efforts I cannot find the folder that I know contains much of my ‘written output’ from the mid-70s. It is in this house somewhere and commonsense dictates that it should be in with other vintage ‘dodgy keepsakes’ in a raggedy old suitcase that once belonged to my father when he was in the Merchant Navy… however, whilst the suitcase can be found, my poetry has mysteriously disappeared.

My fear is that we were broken into one night, that the burglar specifically targeted my 70’s poetry as something über-valuable and is currently hawking it around the world’s publishers, passing it off as his own fabulous set of manuscripts. I worry that one day it will appear at the top of the best sellers list, proving more popular than even a Jon Bon Jovi autobiography, and I will not receive one nickel in royalties from all my hard work.

If you do happen to notice some top notch poetry that looks suspiciously as if it could be mine, please send an email to “delusionalEFA70sTRO@mindlessdrivel.net”

Astute readers will notice that this is my first ‘proper’ post in almost two months. Please don’t get too comfortable, normal service may remain ‘bitty’ for a little while longer yet. Sorry.

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