October 17th 1975

“Two weeks before Halloween dance. Morning speech quite a grin. Dance = real good. “Got off” with Caitlin. The group were crap!”

We really held a “two weeks before Halloween Dance”? Why?

I wonder why “got off” is in inverted commas? I suspect I just danced with Caitlin rather than do anything touchy-feely, but that in my head I most certainly ‘got off’ with her.

I can say here that Caitlin (again, name changed to protect the ‘innocent’) was amongst the very first ‘loves of my life’, but that like many she would eventually break my fragile teenage heart. I realise I should maybe hide that outcome and release the embarrassing information slowly – if only to enhance this blog’s ‘drama’ quotient and add a little frisson to proceedings – but there seems little point in holding back the cold stark truth from you all when you have doubtless already guessed the certain inevitability.

In other news, I have no idea who the ‘crap group’ were. I’d love to be able to say they were someone who subsequently became famous… but I doubt (very VERY much) that was the case?!


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