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October 11th 1975

“Work. Bought James Dean book. Dad gave me lift home. In PM did Posters for Niles’ party and C.C. Dance”

This is a scan of the cover of that James Dean book, published in 1975 and bought (possibly) ‘hot-off-the-press’ by yours truly.

How did I scan it? Because, dear reader, I still own the bloody thing… it’s in good condition too! (Bids start at a hundred quid!)

A little bit of research revealed that it has recently been reissued and redesigned. It is now a proper sized book in a proper cover. Back then the pop art cover really drew me in… the absolute plethora of photos inside turning my easily-influenced little mind.

If only I still had the posters I designed for Niles’ impending birthday party and the Coffee Club dance. They would represent some interesting nostalgia and talking points!


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