October 9th 1975

“Theatre Trip Billy Liar. Theatre trip was bloody good. Scenery incredible, coach trip a real grin. Drunk Again!!!”

Billy Liar was originally a book written by newspaper columnist turned novelist Keith Waterhouse.

It has enjoyed something of a charmed life since its first publication in 1959 and has been adapted into a play, a movie, a musical and even a TV series.

I think it can be described as a ‘fantasy dramedy’. It revolves around a character named Billy Fisher, a working class teenager who lives with his parents and endures a humdrum life. To escape this humdrum he indulges in a series of fantasies, mainly about becoming a comedy writer in London.

His fantasies evolve into such outrageous spells of lying that he ends up being engaged to two girlfriends whilst simultaneously being in love with a third, refers to his father as being a retired naval captain and is always boasting of the scripts he has sold.

Naturally I can remember little of this trip to London other than my diary remarks – the result maybe of being (as I state) “drunk again”!? Even the scenery, considered ‘incredible’ in 1975, failed to leave any lasting impression.

Online research reveals little other than we might have witnessed Michael Crawford in the lead role, fresh from his success playing the luckless Frank Spencer in the smash-hit TV comedy series “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em

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