October 7th 1975

“Got all TD  & Art stuff together for tomorrow. Godfrey getting right up my nose! Felt really fed-up all day. Went up Nigs in evening”

For the life of me I can’t remember being at all nervous about my scheduled interview at Southampton Art College.

To be honest, apart from dates and the arguing that went on between my folks I can’t remember getting nervous about anything else significant that went on in my teenage years.

The fact that I had to scramble together the kind of portfolio that was expected of me at the interview doesn’t seem to have phased me very much. I suspect though that my remarks about “Godfrey” – my art and form tutor – were as much about him getting more nervous about my ‘date with destiny’ than I was!

It has to be said though that ‘getting fed up’ is something that came quite naturally to me back then. Just as it does now.


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