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October 6th 1975

“Found out Nobby came off his bike – oops! Went avec Holly to see “Alfie Darling” – wot a load of crap!!!”

I really didn’t luck out with many of the movies I took my (so called) girlfriends to in the 70’s did I?

Poor old Holly. She had to sit through this risible excuse for a film starring ‘pop legend’ Alan Price in the title role.

Billed as a follow up to the (far superior) “Alfie” (starring Michael Caine) this second rate copy followed much the same storyline, except that we are expected to believe Alfie is now a long-distance lorry driver who engages in a series of “European encounters” with a succession of beautiful and very bed-worthy beauties… and Joan Collins.

I watched it many years later after my date with Holly and realised it was good for one scene only. A scene removed by TV censors but kept intact for the video version wherein actress Rula Lenska (real name = Countess Roza-Marie Leopoldnya Lubienska) rolls about completely naked on a bed.

The aforementioned Ms. Collins also appears topless in this movie, doubtless enticing derisory male shouts from cinema stalls of “Hey darlin’ – put ’em on!!”

In other news I hope my friend Nobby was OK after that tumble from his (I presume?) motorbike and that his nickname did not derive itself from this accident.


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