October 3rd 1975

“Quite a good speech in assembly. Did extra TD again. Fire Drill = grin!. Nothing special in evening, bath etc.”

What? A bath was not special???

When I say “quite a good speech” what I probably mean was “it got quite a few laughs”. I never got up there on stage with any serious intent whatosever, as long as I was rewarded with a few chuckles and guffaws for my efforts I walked off a happy little teenager. I have often harboured a secret desire to be a stand-up comedian, but would never have the required ‘cojones’ to actually ever attempt it. My weekly little speeches in assembly back in 1975 and 1976 will just have to suffice!

No idea why a “Fire Drill” could be considered a ‘grin’, other than it got us into practise for the repeated fake ‘bomb threats’ that were called through to the college office every so often. If only we knew who was responsible *cough*Pete*cough* for phoning them *cough*Rick*cough* in? Now of course, with an increased threat from terrorist attack and the public on higher alert then they ever seemed to be in 1975, this pair of teenage perps would be remanded in custody and had the proverbial book thrown at them. Part of me thinks it was a shame they were never properly caught and charged as I now have it good authority that one of them was a complete asshole to one of my very closest – and lifelong – friends.

In other news, my TD ‘fraud’ continues unabated.


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