(1975 Albums) The Eagles – One of these Nights

OK, yes, I admit it, I once owned an Eagles album

In 1974 I briefly owned a (pirated) tape of their “On the Border” album. There were a couple of cuts on it that I really liked a lot: their version Tom Waits’ beautiful “Ol’ 55” and the somewhat throwaway side two opener “James Dean“.

“One of these Nights” was released in the summer of 1975, preceeded by the title track as a single. The single became somewhat ubiquitous on the radio and I found myself falling for its charms.

Falling so much that I picked up the album, an album which went on to provide a trio of big hit singles.

One of these Nights” was the second Eagles song to top the American charts (“Best of my Love” achieved the same feat in 1974)

Lyin’ Eyes* ended up hitting #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, #23 on the UK chart and provided the band with a Grammy Award (for Best Pop Performance by a Group)

Take it to the Limit* – a US #4/ UK #12 – was later credited with creating huge tension within the band because it was sung (on the original version) by Randy Meisner and it is said that both (regular vocalists) Glenn Frey and Don Henley resented its success.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I listened to anything by the Eagles, certainly not by choice. Obviously songs of theirs turn up on American Classic Rock radio when we’re driving about, but on those occasions I can always change the channel. Retrospectively I find the vast majority of their music to be incredibly insipid and weak… but there was a time in the mid-70’s when I was willing to give them my ears. Time heals all wounds.

(* Seems like The Eagles come down hard on anyone posting You Tube videos of their material? The only choices available are even more lame cover versions. Hey lads, well done on keeping up with the 21st Century!)


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