September 24th 1975

“Really damn boring at college all day. Went to Lawbak’s Hi-Fi show – not bad. Went up Holly’s house in evening”

The life of a 17-year old eh? “Boring at college”… I have no idea what that really means, but maybe all teenagers go through it?

It’s a shame that I had return to my ‘blogging ways’ with such a boring mundane entry… sorry about that… just as I am for letting the project lapse for the past few months. Long story that I won’t bore you with right now.

I tried to research them, but it’s weird that a retailer like Lawbak’s – a regular advertiser in the back of the hi-fi magazines as I recall – seems to have absolutely no reference online whatsoever. I do remember that companies like Lawbak would hold regular little hi-fi exhibitions at the main hall of the Fleming Park Sports Centre in Eastleigh, and that, sad little sack that I was, I would attend almost all of them.


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