(1975 Albums) Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

I know this may be heresy to some, but I never, ever, got on with “Wish You Were Here” as well as I did with the epic “Dark Side of the Moon”

I remember the cover more than anything else. The card sleeve was wrapped in an almost opaque black plastic wrap which you either had to rip off completely – or at least slice down the open edge – to gain access to the record inside. I think many people tried – and failed – to strip off the ‘machine hands’ sticker in an attempt to save it. I know I did!

The laminated shiny-white cover of the cardboard sleeve itself featured four bizarre (and somewhat disconnected) photos, the most memorable of which is shown above. No photoshopping there… the sleeve designer Storm Thorgerson employed a Hollywood stunt man and actually set fire to him for the shoot!

I’ve slowly grown to appreciate more of the cuts over time than I did in 1975, but not to the degree I ‘know’ them instinctively when I hear them on the radio or when they pop up on my iPod. Weird isn’t it?

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond” has of course taken on legendary status over the years, given it’s brooding moodiness and references to the plight of former band member Syd Barrett. It’s probably the best of the bunch, but “Have a Cigar” has a hell of a lot going for it too…


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