September 23rd 1975

“Started English – got exercise book, did essay on ambition. Went up Nig’s in the evening – actually got my Strawbs album – wow!! (sarcastic)”

An essay on ambition? I bet that didn’t end well.

It took me a while to remember why I tagged the return of my Strawbs album with “wow! (sarcastic)”

It was because it was probably the 6th copy of it I had swapped out at Jack Hobbs Records, all previous ones skipping halfway through the title track at the start of Side 2.

It’s not a great album, but it’s the only Strawbs album I ever warmed to and the only one that has remained with me into my middle-age. It’s actually quite ‘moody and gothy’ in several places, an attitude which manages to be a little undermined by Dave Cousins’ breathy folksy vocals.

However, “Shine on Silver Sun” remains a top notch Grade-A golden hit single from the 70’s…


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