September 21st 1975

“M+D arguing all day, as usual. Didn’t get up until 11am. In the afternoon, took Mum’s bike apart for TD. Did some of it in the evening. Holly was due to come up but couldn’t”

On a recent return visit to England I asked my Dad about the arguments he and Mum used to get into when I was a teenager.

He responded by saying the rows were never about anything that was important. It seems they were always about the ‘trivial things of life’ (his words) rather than relationship matters.

I suppose to the teenage me they always seemed more virulent and poison-fuelled that they often were? As I have stated here before I never really knew what they were arguing about, but I suppose in retrospect they were probably the same silly little things my wife and I argue about all these years later?!

I really did take my Mum’s bicycle completely apart, measuring and drawing each piece (every nut, bolt, washer along with the saddle, frame and brakepad) as part of my Technical Drawing project.

I hope she didn’t want to ride it in a hurry?

Are you getting the same vibe from the whole ‘Holly’ thing as I am 35 years later? Naturally, I couldn’t see it back then.


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