September 20th 1975

“Went to work in suit – caused a stir! Went with M&D to Julie and Bonkers Bernards new house – damn smart!”

Not very “rock’n’roll” is it? Wearing a suit to work? What the hell was I thinking?… other than obviously trying to draw attention to myself.

Julie & Bernard were my Mum & Dad’s neighbours for many years. A young couple who had recently had a baby boy and moved to a new house out in (I seem to remember) West End. Julie was a very clever woman – some kind of senior teacher or something? – but her husband Bernard was a joker and a bodger, hence the given ‘bonkers’ attribute.

A bodger is someone who works on a property but cuts as many corners as is humanly possible so as to give a nice appearance but with little real structural substance. It is fact that in the interim years, subsequent neighbours have had to pay the equivalent of small fortunes to put his early 1970’s ‘DIY’ right.

Many (new and used) property owners suffer ‘bodgers’. Me and the wife are two such victims!


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