September 19th 1975

“Had a great drama lesson – a real good laugh. Brought home TD folder. Not much done in the evening – bath, records”

Yes, I did drama classes … what of it? (Adopts “West Side Story” fisticuffs pose)… and it seemed today’s was something of a grin and a giggle.

This is going to sound incredibly ‘pompous’ but there was a girl in my drama class – we’ll call her ‘Karen’, mainly because I think that was her name?! – who made little secret of the fact that she was somewhat infatuated with me. She wasn’t my ‘type’ at all (I was seventeen years old, did I yet have a ‘type’?) so I had to resist her advances as best as I could gentlemanly manage, but whenever there was a man/woman or boy/girl scene being acted out she would always be on the look-out to rehearse it with… me… somewhat eagerly whenever ‘kissing’ might be involved)

I eventually ‘escaped’ the problem by dumping Drama from my curriculum. Hollywood has been in mourning ever since.


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One response to “September 19th 1975

  1. 2 words …
    drama queen

    I’ll get my coat.

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