September 18th 1975

“Nothing much happened all day. Phoned everywhere enquiring about The Who. Holly had to go to Boys Brigade (??)”

Well I know I have never seen The Who play live (much to my chagrin, Keith Moon being one of my favourite musicians ever) so I must presume I was unsuccesful in my quest for (again presumed) concert tickets.

Online research reveals that The Who were not scheduled to play anywhere locally (i.e. Southampton, Portsmouth or Bournemouth) in 1975 so maybe I was considering tramping up to London to catch one of their planned shows at Wembley Arena?

I’ve been let down by women for all kinds of reasons in my life, but it takes a lot to beat being ignored in favour of attendance at a Christian organisation that is… only for boys?!

Maybe there was something Holly hadn’t told me… or which I hadn’t yet ‘discovered’ for myself?!!!


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