September 17th 1975

“Quite a grin day for Nobby’s 18th birthday. Me + Holly went to a ‘party’ at Kentucky Fried Chicken!”

The Kentucky Fried Chicken store in Shirley, Southampton had become something of a ‘social hangout’ for many of my friends, not least because a handful of them worked there. (In due course I was to spend my own time ‘dunking the fries’, but I’ll save my description of all of that for a later diary entry).

Kentucky Fried Chicken (now known as the less-of-a-mouthful “KFC”) first started its UK operations in the mid-60’s and it was the very first US-style ‘quick service’ restaurants to hit their shores. Whilst many of the early outlets (the very first was in ‘unfashionable’ Preston) were the now-familiar sit-down restaurants, the Shirley branch featured little more than a take-away counter.

The area behind the counter was the kitchen – not as ‘on show’ to the public as KFC’s modern-day restaurants (somewhat thankfully given the shenanigans that often went on) – and behind that was a sizeable office area… presumably the location for Nobby’s 18th birthday party?!!

No further mention I see of the special presents I (and others) had been preparing in advance of this important day in the Nobster’s life and no memory whatsoever of what it could have been.

I must have liked Holly though… I took her out in public to meet my friends! Blimey!


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey, I came across your diary when I googled Whodat as, back in the day, used to get a lot of my albums and clothes there. I lived in Eastleigh (Falcon Square) and, of course, remember the Reagal etc. Used to get served in the Crown Hotel at 16/17 Lol. Remember Jack Hobbs record shop and once nicked a poster of Rory Gallagher from out side the shop which had “Stolen from Jack Hobbs” written on it (I wonder if the owner saw the irony.) Anyway, what really prompted me to write this, is the link with Kentucky in Shirley. How weird, I worked there part time from about 1974 to around 1976. My mate Kevin Joyce got me the job as he was in with Jan, the manager. Anyway, as I said, it was just so strange reading that you had frequented many of the places that I had in Eastleigh (not so weird though, Eastleigh ain’t the biggest place in the world) but to end up going to Kentucky in Shirley as my mates and I did, I think is a strange coincidence.


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