September 15th 1975

“Walked home with Holly. Asked her out – yes! Went pubbing with Nig in evening – did New Inn & The Clock”

Holly came from Miami, F.L.A. and I believe she hitch hiked her way across the USA….

Actually no. Holly was  – as my regular reader(s) may remember –  the girl I “got off with” at the recent “intro dance” at Barton Peveril.

What kind of a romantic first date did I have in mind I’ll bet you’re wondering…

I’ll give you a clue… it was HotTTT!

In other news, and to celebrate not being turned down for a date, I evidently went out on the pi55 in the evening?!



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3 responses to “September 15th 1975

  1. christian


    I was always terrible at algebra.

  2. I love the way your blog hasn’t been updated for two weeks … “I asked a girl out and she said yes!”


    • teenagerockopera

      @.. and on that bombshell!……”

      New posts coming soon, sorry to keep everyone in suspenders.

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