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I realise readers may be on tenterhooks since my last post a few weeks ago.

I apologise again for the delay in proceedings, the result of a distinct lack of preparation before a lengthy-ish vacation.

Abnormal service will be resumed shortly.

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September 15th 1975

“Walked home with Holly. Asked her out – yes! Went pubbing with Nig in evening – did New Inn & The Clock”

Holly came from Miami, F.L.A. and I believe she hitch hiked her way across the USA….

Actually no. Holly was  – as my regular reader(s) may remember –  the girl I “got off with” at the recent “intro dance” at Barton Peveril.

What kind of a romantic first date did I have in mind I’ll bet you’re wondering…

I’ll give you a clue… it was HotTTT!

In other news, and to celebrate not being turned down for a date, I evidently went out on the pi55 in the evening?!



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September 14th 1975

“Nig came round in the afternoon. Film in the evening – Bob + Carol + Ted + Alice – good moral”

I have no firm grasp of what the ‘moral’ was the 17-year-old me saw in “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, but like many movies made in the ‘swinging sixties’ I can tell you that this has not stood the test of time very well.

I watched it again recently and thought it to be very dull and plodding indeed, saved only (as were many movies back then) by the exquisite beauty of Natalie Wood.

Back in 1969, when it first hit cinemas, it was considered a ‘masterpiece’ for the manner in which it took the ‘sexual revolution’ and turned the concept on its head, suggesting that far from making every free from constraints it actually piled some on, repressing the very people who were supposed to get the most out of it.

Made for a mere $2 million, this ensemble – Natalie Wood, Elliott Gould, Robert Culp & Dyan Cannon – took a (then) astonishing $30 million at the box office, proving that the public were still in a mood to see bed-hopping and a their stars in a state of undress.

Far from exhibiting nudity however, the story displayed little more than feelings, emotions and jealousy and went a long way to proving that the supposed uninhibited are actually very inhibited indeed.

Me and Nig probably found it to be a little more racy than our usual ‘Sunday Night Movie on TV’ fayre but doubtless lacking in the bare boobs and pert bottoms department. Hey, we were teenage boys – sometimes cleavage was just not enough!

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