Oh No!!!

A disaster has occurred. Remember me saying I still had all the poetry I’d written back in the 70’s?

Well, I was going through and reading it all earlier today and… the pile of papers all slid off my desk and straight into the shredder, reducing them all to mere shards and strips. In fact, they just kept falling, one after another until every single example of poetry had disappeared into the ether.

Sorry to let you all down.

I am obviously distraught *cough*



Filed under 1975 Diary Entries

3 responses to “Oh No!!!

  1. oh no! I HATE it when that happens!!


    so…. uh.. does this mean you are NOT going to be sharing your poetry from back in the 70’s? really?? Well…. I don’t know you… just stumbled in here actually… but, somehow, I suddenly feel jipped…

    • teenagerockopera

      Sorry – it really wasn’t worthy of sharing at all. I felt hideously embarrassed at reading it and whilst I am always up for making myself the centre of some ridicule, this poetry was beyond the pale I’m afraid. However…
      “There was a young man from Nantucket….”

      Hope you continue to enjoy reading the blog despite it’s lack of poetry.

  2. kcneon

    Good thing Murph wasn’t on top of those papers when they ‘accidentally’ fell on the shredder!

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