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September 2nd 1975

“Return to the dump; – i.e. College avec les nouveau girls – wah hay! Not a bad day”

Having suffered a year as “first year sixth” living under the shadow of our elders, we now become those elders, able to lord it over the newcomers.

It looks as though my French lessons paid off… there’s at least three words in this diary entry that may, or may not originate from France.

However, let’s dismiss any educational activity in favour of getting to know the ladies eh?

On behalf of myself and many of my similarly-neanderthal school-friends I wish to retroactively apologise to all the girls I went to college with for occasionally referring to you as “chicks”, “birds”, “totty”, “gals”, “sistas”, “sweet’arts”, “babes”, “bimbos”, “slappers”, “minge”, “fillies”, “dames”, “wenches”, “lassies”, “sexpots”, “fair maidens”, “dolls”, “skirt” or “luv” (as in “alright luv?”).

It wasn’t big, it wasn’t clever… but to be fair this was an age BEFORE political correctness ruined… I mean ‘improved’ everything!!



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