August 28th/29th 1975

• “THE train journey”
• “Got home at approx 12 o/c. Went up Tims in PM”

Yep, time to leave Copenhagen.

Another almost full day on the train. To the Hook of Holland via Roskilde, Hungsted, Naestved and Rødby, where the train would drive straight onto the ferry (as detailed before) for the journey across the Baltic Sea to ‘mainland’ Europe followed by stops in Germany (Puttgarden, Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen and Oznabrück) and Holland (Oldenzaal, Deventer, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Rotterdam), arriving very late in the night to board our DFDS (Scandinavian Seaways) liner bound for England.

We’d get to Harwich in the early hours of the morning and catch the boat train for London. Dad would always book us into the restaurant carriage for this part of the journey so we could all enjoy British Rail’s finest “breakfast fayre” served on good quality china by smart waiters. (Back in the day when travelling by train included a certain element of stylishness)

A zip across London by taxi then back to beastly Eastleigh around lunchtime.

And instead of relaxing after such a lengthy journey – as I most certainly would do these days – I immediately went out to Tim’s place for another evening of either playing LPs or recording more stuff for our ‘band’. Rock’n’Roll, I has it!


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