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August 26th 1975

“Went to the Outdoor Museum- not bad. Walked around Copen. when we got back”

Boy, we really were doing some cultural stuff on this trip weren’t we? Probably has a lot to do with showing the city and country off to Nig, who was hopefully having a good time too.

The “outdoor museum” actually refers to the Open Air Museum, one of the largest and oldest open air museums in the world.

Set across 80+ acres of land north of Copenhagen, the museum features over 50 farms, mills and houses from Denmark’s past, all painstakingly moved from their original location.

As a result, visitors can experience how Danes lived, dating from the times of Hans Christian Andersen right up until 1950.

Each building is placed in a small tract of land, that land shaped to show the distinct character of the original surroundings and its place in the open landscape.

The museum also features Brede Works, an intact industrial plant with its adjacent factory community which includes the original worker’s cottages, nursery gardens, orphanage and the  owner’s mansion which dates back to 1795 .

Then, it was back to Copenhagen for, as my diary states, some more ‘walking around’. Up and down the Strøget no doubt?!!


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