August 25th 1975

“Went to Otto’s in evening – Great Dinner”

As I have mentioned before, Otto was my Uncle.

He lived with his wife Áase, some distance outside Copenhagen. A trip to their place was always a treat though as, just as the diary entry suggests, she had a knack for putting on the most amazing spread of food.

I realise some years after the event that it is probably to them I owe my sense of tidiness and ‘minimalism’, as well as my lifelong love for Scandinavian design and aesthetics.

They always had very groovy, stylish furniture with soft furnishings to match. Almost all their stereo and TV equipment was made by Bang & Olufsen (*swoon!*) and their crockery and silverware were invariably modern Danish designs that I always admired.

They were the first people – and this was the mid-to-late seventies remember – who I ever knew to have underfloor heating in their bathroom, long before it ever became trendy and eco-friendly to do so.


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