August 14th 1975

“Go on Holiday. Left at 4-15. Ate all my Mars Bars. Got on ship – good grin – lift, pepper pot, girls, etc”

Regular readers will know that I often went to Denmark for a few weeks almost every summer.

This trip to Copenhagen was actually the first since 1973, and this time it was with a bit of a difference. Although my diary makes no mention of it whatsoever – most peculiar – my parents agreed that my friend Nig could come with us.

So, instead of the holiday being me somewhat in the shadow of my parents decisions, Nig and I were able to strike out a little on our own and get into a ‘little bit of teenage trouble’

Not that we were tearaways or anything, but I think you will see diary entry themes that were absent in 1973?!

That mention of ‘girls’ being an obvious example of how I seem to have grown-up a little in the interim two years, now evidently at an age when I was actually noticing them!

Naturally I have no idea what ‘pepper pot’ relates to (the mind, indeed, boggles!), nor ‘lift’ (I can’t remember the boat having a lift between decks but I suppose it did?).

Some things have never changed in 35 years though. Give a man a collection of Mars Bars and he will undoubtedly eat them all!

Or is that just me?


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