August 12th 1975

“Work. Watched the 1920 film “Metropolis” in the evening – great”

The fact that I was able to judge Fritz Lang’s dystopian sci-fi classic as “great” is perhaps an early indicator of my lifelong love for the cinematic experience.

I’ve watched it a few times since and can admit that it’s actually quite ‘hard work’ to fully understand the political themes its portraying, but visually its mind-blowing, the sets and artwork utterly defying its 1927 vintage.

I’d certainly like to see the new version that was premiered at Germany’s Brandenburg Gate back in February 2010, and preferably on the big screen. It’s billed as the ‘fully restored’ edition, containing all the footage that was thought completely lost, the result of it being shoddily cut/edited after being considered ‘too long’ on its initial release.

I wonder if I found the robot hot?


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One response to “August 12th 1975

  1. Hot?
    Let’s be honest, she’s no Disney’s Tinkerbell is she!
    Oooops, did I just post that?

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