August 5th 1975

“Had a haircut. Went up Nigs in evening + saw Inspector Clewso film”

Another busy day in the life of this hormonal teenager.

I suspect the “Inspector Clewso” film (that’s some BAD spelling) would have been “A Shot in the Dark

It was the second film in the “Pink Panther” series of comedies starring Peter Sellers as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau (the correct spelling) and the one which first introduced film-goers to a pair of equally endearing characters: Clouseau’s idiosyncratic boss (the superb Herbert Lom) and Kato, his servant.

Blake Edwards was again in the Director’s chair (a role he would maintain through all but the most recent – hideous – Pink Panther movies) and co-wrote the script with (and here’s some trivia) William Peter Blatty who would later gain notoriety via writing the horror fest “The Exorcist”

“A Shot in the Dark” was not, for me, the best of the Pink Panther movies (My fave… “The Return of the Pink Panther“) but it did feature the delectable Elke Somner and a memorable scene where she and Sellers run naked from a nudist colony before getting arrested.

Years later, another in the series would play an inadvertent part in my own career. I had a job for a few months as a sales representative for Precision Video in the then new video rental industry and I had to drive to outlets all over the South Coast in a vain attempt to sell them films. The first I ever had to hawk was “The Revenge of the Pink Panther“, Sellers last outing as Clouseau before he died. It would be something of an omen for the job – which I hated anyway – and I left barely three months later. The contacts I made were invaluable though and it led to me running a chain of succesful libraries and even being headhunted for a management position in the company which eventually became Blockbuster in the UK. I turned it down, which was good given everything that would subsequently happen.


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