July 6th 1975

“Went to Winspit with Nobby, Mrs D’orders and her tutor group. Quite the grin. Fell in sea with clothes on”

Winspit is an abandoned stone quarry on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, England.

It was a working quarry until 1940 by which time it had supplied the stone for many of London’s major buildings. During WWII it became an important naval defence site, and after the war the caverns and caves were opened to the public.

Its foreboding ‘other world’ look means it has featured in the background of many sci-fi shows, including “Blake’s 7” and the iconic “Dr Who”

It seems as if Nobby & I tagged along with Mrs D’Arcy Orders tutor group (we were in her art class, not her tutor group) for a day’s fun and frivolity by the seaside. I’ll be a betting man here and guess that at some point during the day alcohol got involved, something which ultimately resulted in me falling in the sea fully clothed.

I wish I could remember more. For my sake as much as yours, dear reader.

I do know that Mrs Orders was one of the best teachers I had in all of my years of education and that I remain privileged to have been taught by her.


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