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June 23rd 1975

“Broke glasses. Arm came off. had to go for interview in old specs”

Oh the ignominy!!

Y’know, in retrospect, maybe fate was trying to tell me something?

As a result of not having my regular ‘comfy’ specs on I was doubtless more squirmy than I otherwise would have been at this important interview at WH Smith in Winchester.

So squirmy in fact that I was probably summarily dismissed within just a few minutes as a “terrible candidate” for part-time employment.

I can tell you that I didn’t get the job. Just as well, given how things would otherwise pan out over the following weeks, months, years and decades.

Whenever I read something like this that happened 35 years ago I can’t help but wonder how different my entire life would have been had things taken an alternate course back then.

Life is one big chaos theory.


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